Evolving Business Eco-System – Tourism and Remote work

We have been predicting and analyzing that the world will not be the same after this COVID pandemic. Yes, it is true, but everyone would have had their thoughts and ideas. Suddenly, I came across this interesting article from Newyork Post

” Barbados is offering 12-month remote-work stay incentive to attract visitors.”

So, I wanted to put my perspective as an article. 

New Combinations

Who would have imagined tourism and remote work could be a combination before COVID. I believe this is just the start; there will be many new combinations that could disrupt the entire industry. Also, innovation in the system/ product is going to help these combinations evolve. These combinations will open up avenues for new ideas and ventures that were non-existent so far, which means your concept could become a pioneer in that sector. 

Keep your minds open

Some people think that some industries will take a lot of time to recover, and focusing on that industry might not be a wise option. But, this article is an example that it’s time to evolve not to worry about what has happened already and predict the worst. To get this evolving thought approach, we must have an open mindset while approaching anything. The open mindset factor is going to be very crucial.  

Every problem is an opportunity

We have a lot of problems in our hands due to the current situation, so every challenge is an opportunity for us to solve. Rather than considering issues as barriers in the industry’s path and ignoring them, if we try to find a way across the barriers, we will be the people who will be front-runners in the particular industry.  

Fear of risks

Yes, we spoke about all the positives, but we have the risk factor in our hands. Have a calculated approach, a measure of how much risk we might get involved through proper validation techniques that could help us make a decision confidently. A calculated risk is going to cut down our risk factor by a considerable margin. Therefore, problems are new; solutions have to be unique, solutions aren’t going to be ideally tested approaches, and they will have their flaws and outcomes that you wouldn’t expect but keep moving head with proper data in your hand 🙂

This article is the gist of the key takeaways I thought when I saw the article given in the below link. Here is the article link https://nypost-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/nypost.com/2020/07/08/barbados-offering-12-month-remote-work-incentive-to-attract-visitors/amp/ 

LinkedIn article Link – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/evolving-business-eco-system-tourism-remote-work-krishna-/

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