Hello, I’m <strong>Krishna Venkatasubramanian </strong>,  <br />
Professional MBA Candidate at Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario <br />
★ Brand / IT Architect / Strategist <br />
♕ Helping businesses/Start-ups<br />

Hello, I’m Krishna Venkatasubramanian ,
Professional MBA Candidate at Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario
★ Brand / IT Architect / Strategist
♕ Helping businesses/Start-ups

I enhance Business plans

I create Strategies

I build Ideas

I love Market Research


Hello! I’m Krishna Venkatasubramanian. I am passionate about building ideas and problem-solving. Once I delve into a problem or am intrigued about an Idea, I only stop when I follow through. With a sound technological background, management skills, and entrepreneurship skills, I have picked along the way to help augment my problem-solving ability. I began my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering back in 2012 but found my true calling in Entrepreneurship. I began experimenting and started various student-run communities called BrandZappy, Magnum Tech, and Student Sahaya with the help of the Entrepreneurship Cell of my college. These communities allowed me the opportunity to meet and collaborate with a bunch of startups and many inspiring CEOs that have tremendously helped me in refining my thinking. I got to build my interpersonal management and negotiation skills and realized how important it is to be spontaneous and quick-witted. I started my career as a DevOps Engineer with ZohoCorporation in 2016 after interning there full-time during my college last year. During my free time, I always kept expanding my network, helping startups, community development, and enhancing my management skills. From the Fall of 2020, I will be starting a new voyage on the next part of my journey, an MBA from the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa. 

Overall, I aspire to be a unique blend of Management Strategist, Technology Curator, and an Entrepreneur. 

Have anything to ask, offer, collaborate, or have a casual conversation about management, business, startup, tech, sports, or anything, I’m always game. Reach out to me through CONTACT ME or LinkedIn

  • Age: 25
  • Residence: India
  • Address: Chennai, India
  • Phone: +91 7200834601
  • E-mail: krishna.v@uottawa.ca
Technical Architecture Consult
With four-plus years of industry experience, working with the tech industry and building technical architectures. I help out businesses/corporates to enhance the technical solutions they currently have to increase their productivity.
Brand Building
I help small businesses/start-ups/entrepreneurs to enhance their business model by understanding their current position and providing unique ways to strengthen their businesses
Market Research and Validation
Market research and validation are an essential part of every business. It is necessary to talk to customers and understand their perspectives. Derive outputs from those data.
Client Negotiation and Network enhancement Consult
I curate techniques and terms to enhance how the client negotiation and network enhancement can happen that will turn out to be a win-win scenario for everyone in the play.
Brand Design and Development
I help brands design their logos, branding, website, packaging, posters, social media posts, and other creatives.
2020 - Present
Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario

Candidate for Master of Business Administration (MBA)

2012 - 2016
Anna University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering

  • Awarded 1st place in IQuest’15 organized by Innovative Project Cell for developing an innovative fitness application
2016 - 2020
DevOps Engineer, Zoho Corporation
  • Played a key role in defining the technical architecture, development of technology, and monitoring tools starting from a Single US Datacentre to multiple Datacentres (Along with RO) in the US, Europe, China, Japan, Australia, and India
  • Part of revenue growth from ~200$k to more than 1million$ per month across several DCs. Currently serving 15 million-plus customers and handling more than 40 million emails every day
  • Designed and built automation tools and applications to deploy next-generation platforms that cut down the staff hours by more than 100 hours per week, resulting in increased revenue and scalability of the application
  • Mentored a team of junior DevOps engineers and later led nearly 40% of the team members to perform various DevOps operations and implement new, improved features
  • Collaborated across different teams and modules to bring active operational growth, response, and solve critical problems
2012 - 2016
Founder, Brandzappy, Magnum Technologies, and Student Sahaya

Brandzappy – We designed more than 100s of custom merchandise. And associated with institutions and businesses for the bulk supply of merchandise. We designed, manufactured, and supplied to 25+ institutions and corporate clients. We made a successful delivery of 20 thousand plus products. We made a turnover of 50,000 plus CAD. Brandzappy also acted as a hub for different student-related products from different brands.

  • Devised new promotional approaches to boost customer numbers and market penetration while enhancing engagement and driving growth
  • Spearheaded third-party contract negotiations to obtain favorably pricing and scheduling parameters
  • Coordinated and implemented practical training for over 200 students to improve different processes and approaches

Magnum Technologies – We designed various Web Dev projects, Designs, and providing technical support for the same. We did projects for several college organizations and based on demand for clients outside the colleges

StudentSahaya – A platform for young undergraduates to connect with small and medium scale
Businesses for Internship opportunities. Our motto was to provide valuable exposure to the industry in the south of India through this platform. Also, this helped more than 80% of 1000+ students gain insightful experience, and small business owners were able to observe the youth’s inclination and
Determination at work

Freelance experience
  • Monitored social media and online sources for industry trends
  • Developed a community for network marketing and promotional campaign
  • Was a part of the dealer acquisition campaign, creating strategies and leading operations through a 1500+ student network
  • Helping start-ups and businesses improve their existing business model and increase revenue
Professional Competencies
  • Project Management
  • Product Management
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Technical Architecture
  • Infrastructure scalability
  • Team Develop­ment
  • Business Strategy and development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Model enhancement
  • Brand Making
  • Client Pitch
  • Deal Negotiation
Technical Competencies
  • SaaS
  • PaaS
  • Cloud Products
  • Enterprise Cloud Solutions
  • Small Business tech products
  • Product Development Cycle
  • Service Architecture
  • Entrepreneurship
  • DevOps technologies
  • Hadoop
  • HBase
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Python
  • Java
  • Shell Scripting
  • Unix
  • Microsoft Suite
Languages Skills
  • English
  • Tamil
Entrepreneurship and Management
I love to learn about entrepreneurial stories and to listen to management philosophies. They always give me goosebumps.
I love exploring new places and cultures. I wish I travel to every corner of the world and keep hustling.
Music and Dance
I love to hear some music and a bit dance during free time (or) whenever I am low, I listen to music and dance my way out.
Being from India, I have played cricket in the streets starting from my childhood. It has continued along.
I started playing badminton for fun and developed an interest in it. I do play other sports too, TableTennis, VolleyBall, Football and bit of athletics too
Coin Collection
I have been collecting different types of coins and currencies, starting from my childhood.
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